Just out on the market, the new Tenga Eggs square measure the newest autoerotism innovation from the geniuses at Tenga, here in Tokio. From packaging to internal style, Tenga Eggs square measure fast and quality autoerotism aids for men, and that they are available SIX stimulating types of internal styleand therefore the better of it: formed within the egg form they're taken for any price however masturbators, so that they build your ideal companion at work, travel or anyplace else you may pity some relief.
The Tenga Eggs square measure meant to boost hand autoerotism by providing a motivating polymer layer whereasstill property you are feeling the heat and contours of your hand. coming back in six versions, every with an enclosedmake full, these polymer wonders square measure able to go right out of their shells! They’re egg sized and formedhowever their soft polymer and distinctive within layers stretch ALL the manner down but you wish.


Tenga Egg 6 Pack features:

  • Plastic supermarket egg container
  • Super-soft silicone material
  • Single lube included in each egg
  • Twister x 1
  • Stepper x 1
  • Spider x 1
  • Silky x 1
  • Clicker x 1
  • Wavy x 1
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Weight: 350.00 Grams

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