The Tenga Egg Lovers Chocolate style Premium Box is that the most romantic Tenga adult delight nevertheless. With elaborately cordate swirls on the gel eggs, these 5 cute autoeroticism aids area unit exclusive to Japan. Like all the Tenga Eggs, the onacups slide and stretch snugly and firmly over your member. As you rub them over the top and shaft, the contours of your palm fuses with the inner folds and style of the egg in order that each stroke feels personal and shut3 of the 5 eggs aren't obtainable anyplace except during this distinctive set that resembles a box of chocolates. a perfect gift for lovers (e.g. a lady to administer to her man and to get pleasure from together), this superb-looking box is nearly too sensible to open and use.


The Tenga Egg Lovers Chocolate Design Premium Box features:

  • Special limited-edition set
  • Five eggs (different kinds)
  • Exclusive wrapping
  • Disposable onacup masturbation eggs (one-use only)
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Weight: 300.00 Grams

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