There ar continually 2 sides to each story. we tend to admired Tenga's Flip Hole White. currently comes the Flip Hole Black, another nice sleek and stylish-looking Tenga onahole. it's thus stylish you'd ne'er assume it had been the foremost subtle sex toy on the market. Those lucky guys WHO have tried it understand the reality, however.
Inside the Flip Hole Black you'll realize a molding designed for pure solo sensation. the surface buttons arstraightforward to use - management the tightness on your member as ahead or as you go. what is additional, there ar3 lotions enclosed with this Flip Hole, which means you'll be flying at speeds you ne'er knew before.


The Tenga Flip Hole Black features:

  • Black exterior
  • Original and unique silicone interior molding
  • Classic "Flip" design for easy cleaning
  • 3 lotion set: Mild, Wild, Real
  • Adjustable grip construction
  • External buttons to control the tightness
  • To clean: Slide the out the Tenga from the holding cap and open it out to wash with water. Place it back still open on the cap and let it dry.
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Weight: 200.00 Grams

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