It's AN epic story that started many years agone with the Eggs and also the Onacup. Next came the revolution that modified the full of the adult toys landscape: the Tenga Flip Hole, that showed the globe that a soul may be trendy, discreet and conjointly extraordinarily enjoyable. There followed special lotions, then the compact Flip fatless and also the reversible design that's the Tenga 3D. currently Tenga has came to its original mega hit to expand and enhance the series and idea. Gentlemen, prepare for the Tenga Flip Hole Red.
The Flip Red retains the currently picture flip-open casing for each simple fill application then cleanup subsequently. Its distinctive internal style has been crafted to coil itself around you from all directions with a "grind rib" and "scrum brush" once you have got softened yourself in. you may feel its dense pack of "tight brush" nubs touch your member, providing dozens of miniature stimulations and softly sensual explosions. Finally, your head can get hot, "spicy" attention because it glides over the fanning "mash ribs". There may be solely thanks to end this story and it's certain to be an impressive pyrotechnic.


The Tenga Flip Hole Red features:

  • Color: Red (Silver model also available HERE)
  • Size: 85 x 68 x 175mm (3.3 x 2.7 x 6.9")
  • Weight: 520g (18.3 oz)
  • Can be washed and re-used around 50 times if properly maintained
  • To clean: Slide the out the Tenga from the holding cap and open it out to wash with water. Place it back still open and let it dry.
Current Stock:
Weight: 520.00 Grams

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