Get your cuddles all night long with this Usahane Air Dakimakura Hug Pillow cowlsupported Japan's bestselling blow-up air doll character, the sexiest anime-style shojo doll within the land. this point you'll simply slip the duvet over your pillow and you're prepared for intimacy. There ar 2 totally different sides to the duvetevery with a variable image of Usahane however each as cute as every other! nightly can become a nightmare of decision-making!


The Usahane Air Dakimakura Hug Pillow Cover features:

  • Limited edition pillow cover for hug pillow
  • Size: 50 x 150cm (19.7 x 59.1")
  • No hole
  • 2-way stretchy material
Current Stock:
Weight: 200.00 Grams

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