Usahane is that the cosplay doll supreme and this costume set proves why. simply investigate this girl. Things aren't getting to any extent further cosplay moe than this Usahane Bunny Costume, together with her bunny ears, cat paw mittens, paw slippers, leotard, knee highs and even a cute ribbon to complete the set.
This costume was originally sold as a strictly edition at the 2012 Comiket event. Of course, this is often designed to feature the ultimate bit to your good Usahane doll expertisehowever there is nothing to prevent you sporting the costume yourself or exploitation it with alternative dolls.


The Usahane Air Doll Bunny Costume features:

  • Includes leotard, paw mittens, paw slippers, white knee high socks, ribbon, bunny hat
  • Doll, tights, wig, mask and not included
  • Designed to fit the Usahane Air Doll but should also fit similarly sized dolls
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Weight: 200.00 Grams

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